Clubs and Organizations

Millington Clubs and Organizations
Clubs and organizations exist to benefit the special interests of students. While we all recognize the academic school day program as being the heart of our educational system, we also believe it is important to provide students with co-curricular programs. Millington Senior High School encourages students to contact members or advisors for information and membership.

Any student with a specific interest is encouraged to determine if an opportunity presently exists that correlates with his or her interest. If a group does not currently exist, the student is encouraged to explore the creation of that group with the understanding that the group will operate within the framework and policies of Millington Junior/Senior High School, and that it should provide a meaningful and worthwhile educational opportunity. 

Academic "M"
All students in grades 9 through 12 are eligible. Three of the credits shall be in the areas of English, Mathematics, Science, or Social Studies. Each eligible student shall carry an overall grade point average per year of 3.5. 

Chess Club

Drama Club

National Honors Society
Students with a junior or senior status are invited to join the National Honor Society based on four criteria: Scholarship, Leadership, Character, and Service. For more information visit the NHS Web site. 

Rocket Club  

Student Council