Technology Contact

matthew lambertson

Matthew Lambertson
Technology Director
Millington Community Schools
8664 Dean Drive
Millington, MI 48746
(989) 660-2451 extension 36446

Overview / Technology Plan

Overview: The Technology Department at Millington Community School District is responsible for maintaining all data and voice services throughout all of the schools including St. Paul's Lutheran School. The Technology Department is also responsible for supporting staff and students with any technology-related items.

Technology Plans: Millington Community School District and St. Paul's Lutheran School currently have three-year technology plans in place. These technology plans help guide decisions regarding technology. The plans are reviewed each year and updated when needed. 
District Plan.

Technology Planning Team 

Stephen Bouvy - Superintendent of Schools

Matthew Lambertson - Technology Director

Timothy Roberts -Chief Financial Officer

Dawn Burns - Meachum Teacher

Leonard Dantinne - Jr./Sr. High School Principal

Gail Verhines - Jr./Sr. High School Teacher

Linda Petzold - Jr./Sr. High School Parapro  

Karen Moore - Meachum Elementary Principal

Cynthia Coleman - Jr./Sr. High School Teacher